Sari for a Summer Dress?

Thinking of a Sari for a Summer Dress? Here are some Tips

If you talk to most ladies, they will say that saris are not ideal as a summer dress yet this is far from the truth. Like with any item of clothing, you just need to know how to wear a sari and you will simply stun despite the heat. While jeans and shorts are popular during this season, it is important to appreciate that some formal gatherings will still require you to step out in the appropriate dressing.

Here are some tips you should consider to ensure you remain true to your fashion style and still stay comfortable despite the warm weather:

1.Go For Soft And Lightweight Sari Materials

Whatever your style, you can don a sari if you select the right material. Go for soft and lightweight materials that will not stick to your body due to the heat. There are many options out there and you should not shy away from trying them out.

2.Viscose Fashion Materials

One of the most versatile saris in the market is viscose because it can easily be dyed and the colors are retained for a longer time. However hot the weather is, your dress will not fade and you will always impress when you attend soirees and other formal events during summer.

3.Cotton Sari Material

Cotton saris are popular during hot weather because they are lightweight, breezy and absorbent. You will never have to worry about sweat marks and your skin will breathe throughout the day. The colors are versatile and you can choose the sari depending on the theme of the event.

4.Accentuate With Jewellery

If you want to turn heads, you should invest in Semi-precious stones that match with your dress color. However, it is important to avoid overdoing it because the focus should be on the summer dress.

5.Stun With A Ka-Sha Designer Dress

They come in all forms of styles and it is easy to choose the most suitable one for a summer evening. From maxi dresses to frilled dresses, there are many Ka-sha outfits to choose from.

6.Linen Sari

They have sweat absorbing qualities and are also very comfortable. Linen allows easy flow of air through your body to ensure maximum comfort.

7.Chiffon Fashion

A chiffon sari might be a little bit more expensive but the comfort you get is worth it. There are myriad designs and colors to choose from so get bold and impress.